Episode 55- Last Jedi Nikki


    With the release of STAR WARS: The Last Jedi in theaters this past weekend, fans seem to be all over the place on how they feel about the next installment. I asked my friends Bald Faced Josh and Nikki to sit down and discuss what we thought about The Last Jedi.  We had a myriad of feelings from good to bad but we all seemed to agree on most of the points made, good or bad.  Remember, the opinions in this episode are of myself, Josh, and Nikki's, so if you disagree it is all cool, these are our own opinions and they will most likely change over time.  We hope you enjoy our commentary on the movie and if you have any thoughts feel free to email me at scott@thebeardcaster.com    

    SPOILERS!!! Be careful listening-Our friend Nicole Tovar from the Dune Sea Garrison, a division of the 501st located in Arizona, Bald Faced Josh, and I discuss the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. We all had some strong feelings about this new movie and we go through a list of what we enjoyed and a bunch of things we didn't like.  Take a listen and agree or disagree, our opinions maybe a little strong but we are very passionate on the topic.  The movie is getting a lot of mixed reviews right now from the press and public, it is defiantly something stiring the emotions of the fans in this movie.  I hope you enjoy this podcast and make sure to check out my website for more details-click HERE

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BE SURE TO USE COUPON CODE: thebeardcaster  -to get 15% off your order!!!