Hello, my name is Scott Sykora and I am The Beardcaster.  This website is home to my podcast and information in regards to all things related to facial hair.  Being involved in the community for the past few years, and having a beard for over multiple decades, I have seen a major shift in culture surrounding the topic.  When I began growing, which was high school, there weren't clubs or products widely available.  Through my college years I just grew and cut and tried to refine my "style".  It was a struggle for me to just let it grow and not get annoyed and cut it back which seemed to be about every 3 to 6 months!  I just couldn't commit. Sometime around the early 2000's I just went for it for some odd reason.  I am a goatee type of guy, I prefer the clean shapely look of that style.  I tried many various variations of it and finally ended up with what I have now.  As I grew I just never really knew what to do to make it better. I had no idea of care and the products that were available to properly take care of what I was growing.  I learned the hard way and lost my first lengthy investment due to horrible hair care management.  I started new in 2009 and still struggle.  I have my tricks and things that I think work well for me.  I discovered the "competitive" side of beard growing and a whole new world was opened to me.  I met other guys who were into the same thing I was.  I had always felt alone in my wearing of long facial hair.  I finally found a community of like minded people who wanted to help in every aspect.  There are some colorful characters involved in the beard and mustache community and a lot of advise to follow.  This is what inspired me to begin this new chapter.  I wanted to share the stories of the people who are out there who partake in the facial hair universe.  These people aren't the "trendy" crowd, they have been working on their creations for longer than the trends started and ended a few times over.  I plan on covering the products, and the people who create them, that help keep our beards, and mustaches, strong and alive.  I also plan on focusing on the charity work that these people do for their communities.  This aspect makes this journey I am taking with this podcast most important.  I hope to feature these charities that many clubs have worked with and continue to help as many as I can.  I will try and feature them and have links to their organizations and let listeners continue to learn more about them and hopefully donate to them. I hope to provide interesting guests that have great stories and tips that I wish I had.  I hope that I can provide content that everyone can take something away from.  If you enjoy what you see and hear, let others know and help me spread the word of a culture that many enjoy!

I encourage you to check out our charities that we support.  They will change every so often so we can help out as many people that we can so please check back often!!!  If you would like to help me out to cover expenses and upgrades so I can continue this mission please check out my Pateron page and make a donation there. I greatly appreciate any help!!!    

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